Saturday, March 10, 2012

the lady's roles

So why was Frank shot? Through watching some old John Wayne  movies I could think of a long list of possibilities:
  • land disputes
  • animals
  • family feuds
  • love
  • honor
Well of your options which would you think is the reason for the poor Baccus family? land? family? love?... honor?

Well if you guessed honor, you are on the right track.

The disagreement between the Baccus and Pettis families seemed to go on for a few years.  The story is hard to follow- and I may be reading it wrong, but here is my simplified interpretation. 

Mr. Pettis wife (who is never named) had a disagreement with Martha Baccus.  After this disagreement rumors started to fly about these two ladies, circulated by the said two ladies.  The only adverb used to describe the rumors were "scandalized." The rumors were never specified.  But as we all know about rumors they start off little and can quickly become huge.

Mr. Pettis was defending his wife's honor.  In the court case it says the Baccus family apologized for what was said.   I  think it is a little obvious that it was not accepted.


  1. Was this a shoot out or was Frank shot in the back? I would love to know a few more details. It is certainly not a standard ancestor story.

  2. Wow, that is quite the story. It would be so hard to lose a family member because of murder. So much harder than death from old age.