Saturday, March 3, 2012

The effects

Frank was killed when he was 38 years old, hist wife was 26, and his oldest child 8 and his youngest just born, or not born yet.  I often wonder about his wife Martha who suddenly at 26 was left a widow with young children to raise.  She lived in the same area (possibly even the same home) until 1963, at which point she died at age 88. She is buried next to Frank in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Merkle Texas.  I imagine life was hard for Martha. the shock of loosing her husband was probably very hard on her and her children.  Did Martha play a role in Franks death?

Next week that question will be answered. 


  1. Way to leave us with a cliff hanger.

  2. Woah. It's hard that they were such a young family.

  3. I can't even imagine raising young children without my husband. Did she ever remarry?